Aryosa, Startup of sedApta Group @ SMAU 2018 in the Startup & Open Innovation Area!

A unique opportunity to meet and compare companies and the excellence of research, the latest technologies, innovative startups and national and international centers that promote the development of the production system. We will be there with a booth totally dedicated to our Aryosa Startup - O.S.A. solution.  

Aryosa is a start-up of the sedApta Group that offers an innovative web ecosystem based on analytical standards (DITA, xAPI, BPMN) able to provide users with new "skills" in terms of production capacity, supply chain management and change management. The O.S.A. platform allows you to coordinate daily business activities by assigning specific tasks to users, supporting the workforce in carrying out these tasks and IT procedures and monitoring the execution of processes in order to ensure continuous improvement between people, processes and technologies within their organization.