First tier Supplier - Automotive: Volatile Markets & Growing Logistics Complexity

In a turbulent economy supply chain professionals have to deal with constant changes and challenges:

When combined with increasing levels of complex collaboration and interaction in the supply chain, it becomes essential for the customer to get quality support in order to orchestrate the best capability in IT: best in class tools and leading System Integration capabilities. The best people, the best processes and the best practises will get you nowhere without the right rools. Typically the level of IT and systems integration capability needed outside the core competence of the 1st Tier supplier must also be able to exploit the processing potential, economics and agility of any individual case and for any IT support system (SaaS, BPM technology, Business Intelligence…) in order to evaluate and maximize the ROI from any investment. Thanks to our O.S.A. interoperable architecture, we are able to manage SC processes, Technology and People in the best way possibile. Now, different systems can communicate with each other as a basic principle of Industry 4.0.

Via O.S.A. sedApta is able to provide solutions within a modular environmentsupport the interoperability and orchestrates complex business flows, multi - role situations, in a multi - product space.

Smart manufacturing made easy, this is our Vision!