With the 2021 version, sedApta completes the transition to the Cloud. sedApta Cloud is an SaaS offer developed out of thirty years of sedApta product evolution. In fact, the new platform allows our customers to create simulative scenarios, and plan and understand their impacts on each individual process.


Software as a Service is a way to deploy applications over the internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, it can simply be accessed online, freeing a company from the complex management of the software and hardware that must be purchased, installed, maintained and upgraded. Accessing the application is simple: all you need is an internet connection.

Benefits of the Cloud


sedApta Cloud was created with the need to ensure a security level in line with the main international standards in mind

Global Platform

The Cloud platform allows simple and secure use, facilitating the connection of users from countries with different languages and time zones

Always up to date

sedApta Cloud supports installation upgrades in a simple and non-invasive way


sedApta Cloud relies on Microsoft Azure, a leading technology platform on the market that supports more than one million customers in 190 countries

Multi-level supply and demand matching

The sedApta platform allows an integrated management of demand, supply and service level through a multi-level value chain integrated within an extended supply chain

sedApta Cloud

Supported by Microsoft Azure, sedApta Cloud makes the sedApta suite applications available with the flexibility of the Cloud.

The platform is scalable both horizontally and vertically and has been designed for both SMEs and large industrial groups, making the sedApta offer a 360° service

sedApta On-Premises

sedApta opted not to choose an exclusive Cloud strategy, also allowing its customers to opt for on-premise solutions

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