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sedApta Group

sedApta, whose name comes from Latin and means  small, but well designed”, specialises in developing IT solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

It is an international group formed by the union of technology companies based in Italy, Germany, France and Brazil. Each company is a leader in their industry, and together we share over 30 years of experience in IT Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. Over 1,000 customers currently rely on our products to optimise their Supply Chains.

Our solution

sedApta offers a Suite of integrated solutions for planning, execution and optimization at all levels of the Supply Chain.
The world around us is changing: the importance of accessing an ever-increasing amount of data, digital transformation and having to react quickly to changes in demand are the daily problems of the industry. For this sedApta thinks of a 3Driven Manufacturing (Data, Digital, Demand), to which the implementation and use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms add further value.


This is the mantra that guides the sedApta team in its product development, in collaboration with the partner ecosystem and in the realisation of projects with our customers.

Today more than ever, manufacturing companies must be supported by innovative tools that allow them to control supply chain and factory production processes with concrete information. This is only possible through a combination of innovative technology and a modern methodological approach, verticalised by the product sector to which each company belongs.

But this is not enough! sedApta can leverage an entire ecosystem of partners with specific skills, thereby expanding and completing the team’s skills and becoming the core value of our projects. E pluribus unum: out of many, one!



Process orchestration is at the heart of the sedApta approach. Everyone involved can be synchronised and co-ordinated, transferring the right information to the right role at the right time, making effective decisions quickly



The new platform, sedApta Cloud, combines algorithmic and heuristic power with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionalities. A digital manager, integrated within the business process, allows for the creation and analysis of multidimensional simulation scenarios, in order to decide the best strategy


E Pluribus Unum

sedApta shares its approach and technology with a network of partners around the world. Our partners come in all sizes and with a rich variety of objectives, which allows sedApta to work with different types of customers: from large multinationals to local SMEs