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sedApta is a supply chain software provider based in Italy with direct presence in France, Germany, UK and Brazil. It supports more than 1,000 customers in various regions of the world. The sedApta suite offers a wide range of functionality for supply chain planning and execution, covering Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP), Sales & Operation Execution (S&OE) and manufacturing process optimization.

Our solution

sedApta has gained great experience in understanding the needs in different manufacturing environments and is able to support customers in Make-to-Stock, Assembly-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Engineering-to-Order, or a combination of these. Traditional manufacturing logics are no longer enough. Considering the volatility of demand in the current environment, the secret to success is to become agile, structuring the company in such a way that it can anticipate changes in demand and increase the responsiveness of the entire Supply Chain.

sedApta vision - Demand Driven Manufacturing

Demand-Driven Manufacturing characterizes the sedApta concept and market approach used to define the process in which production is primarily driven by confirmed customer orders in a flexible way. In this perspective, the combination of information from end-consumer demand and information from factories and suppliers becomes essential in enabling companies to dynamically manage the transition between what is planned, produced, and rescheduled.

The sedApta approach provides synchronization and coordination of all the process actors, ensuring the right information is delivered at the right time and to the right people. In this way, you can efficiently lead your process activities and align strategies such as S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning), S&OE (Sales and Operations Execution) and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management).



Process orchestration is at the heart of the sedApta approach. Everyone involved can be synchronised and co-ordinated, transferring the right information to the right role at the right time, making effective decisions quickly




The new platform, sedApta Cloud, combines algorithmic and heuristic power with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionalities. A digital manager, integrated within the business process, allows for the creation and analysis of multidimensional simulation scenarios, in order to decide the best strategy



E Pluribus Unum

sedApta shares its approach and technology with a network of partners around the world. Our partners come in all sizes and with a rich variety of objectives, which allows sedApta to work with different types of customers: from large multinationals to local SMEs


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