The Global Textile Scheme Initiative is a joint venture of companies from all areas of textile value chains. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the exchange of such data, that are either particularly labour-intensive or of high strategic value across company boundaries for faster and resilient supply chains.

 After a successful implementation of a Pilot Project in July 2020, the implementation initiative called “Global Textile Scheme Initiative” officially started at end of September, supported by the GermanFashion Modeverband e.V.

Expected key advantages are:

  • lower costs, better data quality and more flexible
  • Increase visibility between the various companies in the supply chain
  • Speed up the flow of information
  • Make the entire supply chain more reactive
  • Break the barriers between different organizations by overcoming the limits of peer to peer integrations
  • Centralize and harmonize data, both of product and materials

sedApta joined the “Collaborative Planning & Forecasting” stream, which is one of the current three open streams of the initiative. 

sedApta brings to the initiative the following added-values:

  • Long and in-depth experience of implementation of collaborative planning projects
  • Providing the platform with a support of modern planning tools already used by the major leader companies in the sector

Paolo Barbagallo, sedApta Group Industry Manager for Fashion&Luxury, is our representative for this important initiative. In his interview (see Fashion&Luxury after Covid-19 article), Paolo stated that “visibility is a non-negotiable element for a resilient and agile supply chain. Data are key in order to have the full picture and must be integrated automatically in a flexible way in one single point, removing the integration barriers of the old legacy systems”. The GTS initiative goes exactly in this direction. 

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