sedApta and camLine: A Strategic Partnership to Meet Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Needs

Genoa, Italy – June 25, 2024 – sedApta Group is pleased to announce its collaboration with camLine, a company of Elisa IndustrIQ and leading provider of high-tech manufacturing software solutions. This partnership aims to meet global manufacturing supply chain needs by combining the innovative technological solutions of both companies, with a particular focus on Asia, which has become a leading manufacturing hub.


Together, sedApta and camLine complete their portfolio of solutions by leveraging the complementary expertise, skills, and innovative products of both companies, offering a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain operations solution. This partnership will result in a one-stop service offering to meet multinational manufacturing company’s global demand for solutions that cover their entire supply chain from incoming materials to finished goods.


Specifically, sedApta will provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for digital transformation, catering to sectors such as food and beverage, machine builders, and process sector. In turn, camLine will contribute its expertise through implementing strategies such as statistical process control (SPC) in industries such as semiconductors, microelectronics, automotive, discrete medical products and devices, and solar.


“We are excited to collaborate with camLine and leverage our combined experience to present a joint value proposition in the market,” said Giorgio Cuttica, CEO of sedApta Group. “This collaboration will accelerate digitalization opportunities for our customers and enable us to present a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet market needs on a global scale.”


“As Southeast Asia becomes a major global manufacturing hub, this collaboration creates more value for customers while addressing the challenges in modern manufacturing, especially in the aspect of supply chain operations and integration.” said Bryan Ng, CEO of camLine.

The collaboration is consistent with both companies’ strategy to grow digital services internationally and accelerate the development of their software business.

About camLine:

camLine has been recognized as a valued IT solution partner for high-tech manufacturing for the past 35 years. Industry automation systems are based on MES/MOM modules. Numerous implementations can be found in semiconductors, electronics, automotives, solar, batteries, medical devices, and renewable energies across Europe, North America, and APAC. In addition to service domains on quality assurance, process integrity, production logistics, OEE, monitoring and reporting, camLine’s solutions feature the orchestration of shop floor activities among different communication layers. As part of Elisa IndustrIQ, AI and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques are integrated in statistical methods to foster optimal engineering analysis and defect control.

About sedApta Group

sedApta is an international software provider based in Italy, France, Germany, UK and Brazil. Through its subsidiaries and its partner network, sedApta has quickly expanded to become a key player in the innovative global market of Supply Chain Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Today, sedApta serves more than 1500 manufacturing companies in several countries and it can count on a specialized workforce for smart manufacturing solutions of more than 500 people.


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