Oct 3, 2017


Technord becomes sedApta Business Partner!

sedApta is pleased to welcome Technord as new value-adding Business partner!


May 11, 2017


An Interview with Micheal Fatum, CEO of Advenco Consulting GMBH

Advenco Consulting is one of the sedApta's Founding Partners


Apr 26, 2017


Axioma & sedApta: a Successful Partnership!

Today, Axioma and sedApta have renewed this joint commitment to deliver solutions that push the industry forward. The goal of the partnership is to drive business models in line with digital transformation that are able to ensure efficient management of production across all supply chain processes.


Mar 6, 2017


An interview with Fabio Valgimigli, CEO of QUIN

Quin is a sedApta's value added Partner.  "Together we deliver a new Supply Chain Management model to optimize the supply business management, production and distribution to increase the business efficiency in order to meet the market demand and to significantly improve the quality of customer service."

Osa Scritte

Mar 6, 2017


O.S.A. for Digital Transformation

CIO's leading digital business transformation initiatives need a guide, the organizational equivalent of an in-car navigation system. The business operating system (BOS) is that guide, digitazing the business operating model providing end-to-end visibility and steering CIO's to digital business success.

Altea News

Mar 3, 2017


Altea Federation becomes sedApta Partner!

Altea Federation has chosen SedApta to further strengthen its strategy for being the right partner for manufacturing companies that want to compete in a rapidly changing market.

Training Presales

Feb 23, 2017


New sedApta Suite Training!

sedApta organizes a new training for its Partners! The training is addressed to pre-sales in order to deep dive into sedApta Suite modules. 


Feb 2, 2017


Training sedApta: The sedApta Suite's Orchestrator

SedApta organizes a new training for its Partners and Peers!

Smc Logo

Dec 19, 2016


SMC & sedApta for Industry 4.0

SMC has newly joined SedApta as Partner, to develop an integrated offer of products and services for the supply chain to support our customers in the evolution path towards Industry 4.0.