Smart Supply Chain Solutions for Plastic Industry

The plastics moulding industry is typically energy-intensive, so it has suffered severely from the energy crisis of the past few years, focusing on product development while also taking into account the increasingly topical issue of sustainability.


Within the sector, most companies produce components for other sectors (automotive, white goods, medical, etc.) and work from a B2B perspective, but there is a substantial part that produces its own-brand (or private-label) products for the market (B2C). This dual soul characterizes the management of the industry, with different solutions at planning level: common process management for the executive part, while a focus on mould management, energy consumption, setup optimization, etc., is seen as a cross-cutting feature for all companies.

sedApta covers all the needs of the sector, with a distinctive focus on production scheduling, natively integrated with production control and interconnection of production facilities that is increasingly moving toward the concepts of predictivity and adaptability to events.

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