Smart Supply Chain Solutions for Plastic Industry

The Plastic molding industry is highly dependent on product performance and efficiency. Companies operating in this sector have very close ties with and supply other industries such as automotive, white goods (appliances) and packaging (bottles, triggers, etc.) industries.

With centralized planning management, problems of production can be anticipated and inefficiencies of the system (purchasing, transport, logistics network management) overcome. Single plant management can be empowered with the goal of optimizing production and monitoring sequences of the OEE process indicators.

Need to optimize your Plastic & Rubber supply chain?

A collaborative approach to planning management allows the competitive multi-plant system the ability to bring together each site and its suppliers.

A customer from the Plastic industry has successfully completed a project focused on finite capacity scheduling in close relation with shop floor control for each plant. The company operates in the field of household goods and must catalog a multitude of codes, often characterized by the color scheme of each item.

Management, specifically of the optimization matrices (color change), allowed improvement in the performances of sequences generation, minimizing tooling and production waste.

The company undertook a second project to integrate suppliers into a single company portal and perform medium-term planning to focus attention on longer term goals by supply chain managers. Production is primarily based on injection molding, but there are after-molding processing departments and installation of single components.

The technological solution was implemented twice. The project achieved the following results during its implementation:

  • 50% setup reduction
  • Reduction in waste by 20%
  • Continuous monitoring of the company’s OEE and related improvement
  • Reduced impact on the management of suppliers, in terms of reducing delivery delays
  • Better integration between business functions

Solutions based on the sedApta Suite have been successfully implemented for other customers in Plastic Industry. In particular, there are significant experiences in:

  • Guala Dispensing
  • Guzzini
  • OMP
  • Polplastic
  • Sacme
  • Tontarelli
  • Wegaplast