In the last few years, the Metal Industry has undergone important changes due to two key factors.

European companies have increasingly placed quality at the centre of their strategy, focusing on the introduction of superior quality products into the production chain, improving efficiency and metal yield, and eliminating the possibility of processing radioactive materials.

In order not to lose market shares and profit margins, companies operating in the metal industry have had to cope with the consequences of such a change, reacting quickly to manage much larger and more disparate areas of action.

Need to optimise your supply chain?

sedApta Suite, the solution for orchestrating complex Metal production processes

sedApta Suite is proposed as a useful tool for simplifying this transition process and change.

Its modules allow supervision of complex supply chains which include production plants, distribution facilities, subcontractors and suppliers all in a single orchestrated and synchronized perspective.

sedApta Suite’s goal is to manage and synchronize all the key production processes.

From the S&OP process (which includes the demand forecast, logical and physical warehouse management, strategic and tactical planning of the entire supply chain) to the MOM process (which includes optimized scheduling of individual production departments, monitoring of production progress at manufacturing plants and at remote suppliers’ and subcontractors’ facilities).

As concerns the Metal field, sedApta Suite allows:

  • Definition of production campaigns to optimize set-up times on critical equipment
  • Definition of details of the order, in particular to generate cycles and BOMs according to the dimensional/qualitative features of the material (e.g. on a pipe: length, diameter, thickness and steel grade)
  • Flexibility in the management of cycles and multi-level BOMs, for example if the number of operations is not known in advance (e.g. operations entered after measurements/quality checks, potentially several times) 
  • Optimization of the cutting plane to minimize scrap
  • Optimal warehouse allocation with a choice between alternative raw materials, e.g. different steel qualities in order to maximize volumes produced and minimize shortages. 

Planning, supervision and management of business processes and supply chain

The extreme flexibility and scalability of sedApta Suite make the transition to sophisticated planning systems with finite capacity scheduling more gradual and non-invasive from a Smart Manufacturing perspective. 

The logic of planning and supervision of the supply chain and management of business processes are handled by a collaborative IT system in a coordinated and synchronized manner.

It is therefore possible to eliminate or significantly reduce inefficiencies and dispersion caused by non-standardized approaches to the various processes.

Expected benefits from sedApta Suite implementation

  • Greater reliability of sales forecasts verified at finite capacity, thanks to periodic reviews shared between sales force and production planning
  • Rationalisation of the steel/raw material quality available in storage, determining the best stock allocation to orders to maximize volumes produced
  • Product yield improvement (scrap reduction)
  • Increase in service levels to over 90%
  • Decrease of raw and semi-finished materials stocks
  • Optimization of finished product stocks
  • Increased reliability of the customer order dating process
  • Optimization of setup times and service levels based on company goals 
  • Rationalisation of the purchasing process and greater visibility on requirements, also in terms of metal quality 
  • Stronger integration between company departments

Metal companies supported by sedApta Suite

sedApta’s solutions are successfully used by several customers operating in the Metal industry. Among these are:

  • Acciaierie Speciali Terni
  • Acciaierie Bertoli Safu
  • CMO
  • Carcano
  • Fonderia Taroni
  • Gruppo Cividale
  • HME
  • Marcegaglia
  • Prysmian Cavi e Sistemi Italia
  • Smst Mannesmann
  • Teksid Aluminum