Our Win-Win SCM Solutions in the Glass Industry

The business model and market structure of the glass industry, combined with some peculiarities of the process and production flows, make the management of planning processes particularly complex. The hollow glass market is in fact mainly controlled by large multinational companies, which have a multi-plant structure, with production facilities often run by distinct national companies. With a structure like this, inter-company orders to balance workloads among the different companies and their production facilities are frequent.

Need to optimize your Glass supply chain?

Essential in this field are therefore forecasting activities for commercial demand,and the proper planning of color campaigns and furnace maintenance campaigns, as to create the right context to effectively balance logistic activities and capacity among the different assets.

The sedApta solution provides modules supporting both the strategic planning and the planning of operational activities, supporting and responding effectively to the needs of the glass industry thanks to components common to both activities, thus ensuring the same operability and consistency of data in every stage of the planning process.

Some of the most important multi-national companies in the glass container business implemented sedApta Glass Solution to cover the entire planning process, including the management of suppliers and third parties operation. Communication and synchronization among Divisions and Departments was greatly improved by means of sedApta OSA approach.

Both strategic planning and budgeting and operational planning greatly benefited by the introduction of sedApta Glass Solution. Commercial budget process took advantage of the collaborative top-down and bottom-up approach of sedApta Demand Management modules. What-if multi-scenario simulations, featured in sedApta Inventory Control and Resource & Supply Planning modules, reduced the time to create and analyze scenarios from weeks to few days. In the operational planning process it was possible to cope with all critical constraints in the glass container process, such as color campaigns, pulled tons limits, mould changes, with real time assessment of production plan versions.

Solutions based on the sedApta Suite have been successfully implemented for several customers in Glass industry. In particular, there are significant experiences in:

  • Ardagh Group
  • Bormioli Rocco
  • Saint Gobain
  • Verallia