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The agribusiness enterprise of the future can take in the constant variations of orders from the large-scale retail trade without being negatively impacted thanks to being able to adapt its business processes in an agile manner and the ability to synchronize people and technologies.

The Food and beverage industry covers a variety of sub-sectors, each with significant features and needs.

From an organizational perspective, sedApta manages two distinct main types, which include individual sub-sectors:

The Food&beverage industry has been profoundly revolutionized by the advent of digital in everything from production processes (including raw material procurement) to distribution processes.


Today, agribusinesses are facing constant changes in demand, which they must be able to respond to as quickly as possible by optimizing production processes and working on different service lines, prioritizing sales channels or market areas that bring in more business or more significant margins.


We are dealing with an increasingly close and necessary relationship between the departments in charge of sales and logistics, and with production managers and purchasing. Every day, these business functions must work together to solve critical situations, whether on the demand, production or supply side; the big challenge is to equip ourselves with tools that can intercept potentially critical variations, share possible solutions and participate in analysing pros and cons with respect to different simulative scenarios.

We'll bring you these benefits !

Accurate monitoring and traceability
of production lines with same
day communication

Constrained scheduling and
optimization of production plants

Management of production peaks
due to commercial promotions

Raw materials and packaging
purchase scheduling

Automated final product coverage
and related stock level

Balanced planning of load and
volumes within industry parameters

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