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Design, Model & Execute Your Supply Chain Processes in the Fashion Industry

  • Facing huge changes in product origins, relocation of production, and customer command?
  • Has your competition got an advantage because they’re already digitised?
  • Need to work toward sustainability while improving customer relationships and expanding customer base?

Covid. Ukraine. Inflation. An energy crisis. People in the Fashion & Luxury industry are up against tremendous challenges while staring a potential recession in the eye. You’ve got to juggle both instability from suppliers and delivering goods to consumers whose behaviours and demands constantly change. And your customer base increasingly demands sustainability and circular fashion too. That’s a tall order for you to fulfil. But we’re happy to take it off your hands.

“…sedApta is the right solution that can support our transformation program in planning and optimizing the stock distribution in our retail channel, improving service level and operational efficiency.”
Nicholas Girotto, CEO of BALLY

We’ve worked for years with the Fashion & Luxury industry, including some of the biggest names like Burberry, Adidas, Balenciaga, Versace, and Hugo Boss. Like you, we appreciate something beautiful when we see it.

And creating a supply chain that is agile, responsive, and quickly acts to supply you and your customers with stunning goods is a beautiful thing. This is why sedApta’s solutions, specifically tailored for the Fashion & Luxury industry, give you real-time data locked into your end-to-end processes.



We give you:
  • Collaborative and Simulation Forecasting which supports demand planning for your permanent and seasonal products as well as limited-edition collections. This helps you in multi-level decision-making and collaboration. It also continually reviews the pre-season and in-season forecasts to improve accuracy.
  • Long Term Supply Planning which defines an aggregated and integrated production schedule from medium/long term. It defines strategies to manage the progress of Open To Buy for subsequent production launches too.
  • Production Planning which defines a production plan in the medium/short term to validate sales orders, forecasts, and delivery dates. This end-to-end process management bridges the gap between demand and inventory planning.
  • Supplier Collaboration which increases visibility across the entire supply chain. This improves flexibility and avoids any inefficiencies that currently plague you. You can simulate solutions AND get real-time control of supplier capacity and stock.
  • Allocation and Replenishment which optimises allocation. You can simulate customer order management and confirm plans in line with set rules. Store and DC Replenishment is optimised at a multi-level, which helps you maximise sales and margins.
  • Sequencing and Production Execution which includes carrying out in-house production plans, supporting optimisation on your factories’ production lines, and integrating data collected through a Shop Floor Control solution.

If you want something that quite simply makes your life much easier, and helps your Fashion & Luxury business to become more agile, profitable, and excel beyond your non-digitised competitors, we’re your ideal partner. Going with sedApta means best practice for digitalisation and multi-channel management. It means you’re a collaborative control tower, and your business can accurately assess the financial impacts of anything thrown your way.

Some of Our Clients

BurberryDolce & GabbanaEtroFendiLacoste
LimontaHernoHugo BossMarc CainLoro Piana
MonclerPinkoPradaSergio RossiVersace

We welcome the opportunity to help you.

What works best for our partners is a simple 2-part process. We have a chat to listen to your unique challenges and concerns. And then we provide you with a free, no-obligation demo that shows you how our software will specifically make your business more agile, secure visibility for your supply chain, raise your profits, and take away those headaches.