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Design, Model & Execute Your Supply Chain Processes in the Fashion Industry

Monitoring of business processes in the Fashion & Luxury sector, with sedApta

Need to optimize your Fashion & Luxury supply chain?

The sedApta solutions, which support the processes of companies in the Fashion & Luxury industry, are based on highly collaborative tactics and strategies, able to harmonize activities and information between different business functions. The solution’s capabilities focus on managing and optimizing end-to-end processes for an agile supply chain and real-time planning & monitoring:

  • Collaborative and Simulative Forecasting: it supports the demand planning process for permanent and seasonal products as well as the planning and control of limited-edition collections (capsule collections), assisting multi-level decision-making and collaborative processes; it allows a continuous review process of the pre-season and in-season forecast in order to improve its accuracy. 
  • Long Term Supply Planning: It allows defining an aggregated and integrated production schedule from medium to long term, defining strategies to manage the progress of Open To Buy for subsequent production launches.
  • Production Planning: it allows defining a production plan in the medium/short term, aimed at validating demand delivery dates (sales orders and forecasts); End-to-end process management bridging the gap between demand and inventory planning by analysing inputs, outputs, and bottlenecks to determine a feasible production plan.
  • Supplier Collaboration: Increase visibility across the entire supply chain to improve flexibility and avoid inefficiencies by working with suppliers and simulating alternative strategies with what if analysis. The web based and collaborative solution allows real-time control of supplier capacity and stock.
  • Allocation and Replenishment: sedApta supports companies in optimizing allocation, introducing simulated customer order management based on finished product availability, confirmed production plans in accordance with Assortment Planning and set rules; the solution addresses and optimizes Store and DC Replenishment multi-level allowing actions to maximize sales and margins during the season
  • Sequencing and Production Execution: it includes the processes aimed at the execution of in-house production plans, supporting the optimization of sequences on production lines in your factories integrating data collected through a Shop Floor Control solution. 

sedApta is the ideal partner to address the analysis, monitoring and measurement of business processes for the Fashion & Luxury industry by introducing specific best practices for digitalization and multi-channel management. The different simulations can be analysed end to end through a collaborative control tower that supports your business in assessing the financial impacts of different scenarios.

Fashion & Luxury Companies supported by sedApta Suite

The sedApta solutions have been adopted successfully in various companies in the Fashion & Luxury industry. The sedApta Suite supports more than 20 leading companies in this sector. Among them, we include:

BurberryDolce & GabbanaEtroFendiLacoste
LimontaHernoHugo BossMarc CainLoro Piana
MonclerPinkoPradaSergio RossiVersace