Discrete Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Complex Discrete Manufacturing

  • Felt the one-two punch of balancing product customisation vs a complex supply chain?
  • Overwhelmed with putting out supply chain fires that a simple process seems impossible?
  • Worried about how uptime affects your schedule?

Over the last few years, the Discrete Manufacturing industry has been disrupted from two sides – the demand for more product customisation, and a much more complex supply chain.

The industry has been forced to change fast in order to react to constantly changing orders and increasing prices while operating in a wider global market. But in real terms, this shift has turned your job into a live show where you’re spinning plates of all shapes and sizes. With extra plates thrown at you one after the other.

In this situation, it feels like if you stop for a second, everything will come crashing down. You need accurate information to stand a chance at long-term success.

“Our business thrives on complexity, the point is not to reduce it, but to manage it. Therefore, it was particularly important for us to find platform, a product and development partners that would allow us to better manage this complexity..”
Paolo Mantica, Operation Director B&B Italia

We’ve worked for years with partners in many discrete industries including the key players from specialisations including appliances, electronics, furniture, mechanical construction, machine builders, and steel.
And no matter who they are, one of their main challenges is balancing specialisation, visibility of the supply chain, and accurate decisions that lead to growth.

Because you are dealing with such a complex supply chain while trying to provide a neverending demand for customisation of orders, you need real-time data to make this possible. The sedApta Suite modules integrate and orchestrate the production plants, distribution centres, and providers. This sets you up to effectively and easily supervise your supply chain.

sedApta’s Suite takes away the plate spinning, and replaces it with flexibility.


The extreme flexibility and scalability you need in the sedApta Suite solutions takes away disruption and gives you a gradual and non-invasive change. Because once everything is synched for you the problems are drastically reduced.

We welcome the opportunity to help you.

Some of Our Clients

What works best for our partners is a simple 2-part process. We have a chat to listen to your unique challenges and concerns. And then we provide you with a free, no-obligation demo that shows you how our software will specifically make your business more agile, secure visibility for your supply chain, raise your profits. No more spinning plates.