Discrete Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Complex Discrete Manufacturing

In the last few years, the Discrete Manufacturing industry has undergone profound changes due to two main factors: from one side, the increasing product customization demand, form the other side, a progressive extension of the supply chain, which includes always more peers with non-homogeneous sizes and geographical distribution. Company in this Industry, in order to keep their market share and margin, had to face the consequences of this change, moving toward a higher reactivity and operating in a wider global market.

Need to optimize your Discrete Manufacturing supply chain?

The sedApta Suite acts as a strong facilitator of this change process: sedApta Suite modules provides capabilities for the supervision of complex supply chain, which includes production plantdistribution centers, providers and suppliers integrated and orchestrated. The goal is to increase ergonomics and harmonization of all fundamental processes: demand forecast, logical and physical warehouses, strategic and tactical planning of the whole supply chain, optimized scheduling for production departments, production progresses control at plant-level, remote suppliers and contractors.

The extreme flexibility and scalability of the sedApta Suite solutions, allow a gradual and non-invasive change. Planning and supervising supplier rules driven by a distributed and collaborative intelligence centralized in a common, coordinate and synchronized management. Whit this approach, unefficiencies and leakages are drastically reduced.

Solutions based on the sedApta Suite have been successfully implemented for several customers in many discrete industries.
In particular, there are significant experiences in:


  • Angelo Po
  • Candy
  • Immergas
  • Sagi
  • Soteco
  • Riello


  • MetaSystem


  • B&B
  • Dierre
  • Poltrona Frau
  • Stosa
  • FAB

Mechanical Construction

  • Bonfiglioli
  • Caleffi
  • DKC Europe
  • Gasket
  • Giacomini
  • Umbra Group

Machine Builders

  • Biesse Group
  • BLM
  • Cavanna
  • G.D.
  • Merlo
  • SAME
  • Sacmi
  • Steriline
  • Tenova (divisione Pomini)


  • Acciaierie Speciali Terni
  • Smst Mannesmann
  • Marcegaglia