Discrete Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is an industrial sector characterized by the manufacture of finished products, parts and systems, assemblies and individual products: distinct elements that can be easily counted, touched or seen. These products can be broken down at the end of their life cycle so that their basic components can be recycled.


Examples of discrete manufacturing products include cars, furniture, airplanes, toys, smartphones, and defence systems.


Diverging from the basic definition, at sedApta, the definition of discrete manufacturing also includes machine-building companies, engineering to order (ETO) companies and plastic moulding companies that manufacture and, eventually, assemble parts.

Discrete manufacturing includes a number of sub-sectors that may have very different needs, also being characterized by a B2B or B2C market approach.

The sub-sectors that fall under discrete manufacturing are:

We’ll bring you these benefits !

Remote suppliers
and contractors

Optimized scheduling
for production

demand forecast

Logical and physical

Production progress
control at plant-level

Strategic and tactical
planning of
the whole chain

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