Design, Model & Execute Your Supply Chain Processes in the Cosmetics Industry

  • Are you facing huge changes in raw material sourcing, outsourcing of production to subcontractors, and new supply chain management?
  • Do your competitors have an advantage because they are already digitilized?
  • Do you need to work toward sustainability while implementing best practices toward customers and expanding your customer base?

In the course of the pandemic, it has become more apparent how cosmetics are everyday allies for personal hygiene, self-care and wellness needs. Since the outbreak of the emergency, the industry has demonstrated its responsibility and offered its contribution going so far as to convert entire production lines. Even today, in dealing with the uncertainties of a changing economic, social and health care environment, the cosmetics industry more than ever needs to adapt in an ever more streamlined manner amidst the difficulties of raw material availability, suppliers keeping up with the changing times, subcontractor issues and consumer perceptions made constantly shifting by market changes. Being able to comply with these situations becomes really complex, sedApta’s solution is proposed as essential to solve all these problems and leave you the freedom you need to focus on research and development: because the future is today!

“…Europe is also a key market for the cosmetics industry. Euromonitor analysts assume average annual sales of $120.2 billion. The European Union is preparing impressive digital, environmental and social upgrading projects to ensure the industry’s continued growth” Euromonitor International

The cosmetics sector represents one of the fastest growing segments in recent years for sedApta. We work alongside some of the most important realities on the scene: Christian Dior, Guerlain, Davines, Yves Rocher, Shiseido, Givenchy, Rilastil and Beautynova.

Supporting such prestigious realities by creating high added value through the rationalization of the supply chain allows us a continuous implementation of our tools making processes faster, leaner and tailored to the reality of the individual client.

We'll bring you these benefits !

Collaborative and simulation

Suppliers collaboration

Long term
supply planning

Sequencing and production

Production Planning

Allocation and replenishment

sedApta solutions offers you:

  • Demand Planning, through automatic generation of statistical sales forecast at different level of the product/market hierarchy, based on sales history and past promotions, and powered by predictive ML/AI algorithms. New product introduction, phase in-phase out and de-listing are available as well. On top of that, collaborative digitalized approval flows are offered to orchestrate a demand validation process among different roles in central HQ and local subsidiaries (top-down or bottom-up), generating a consensus forecast
  • DRP and Inventory Management, which aim to compute the ideal replenishment plan of your distribution network, optimizing the stock deployment based on timing and costing of alternative routes
  • Allocation and store replenishment support a better service level in your retail channel, supporting target stock computation based on short term demand sensing, with push and pull logics, fair-share algorithms, and Store to Store transfer
  • Production Planning at finite capacity, with batch and bulk production optimization (through implementation of verticalized algorithms), generating production proposals aligned with available batch capacity and the time required to produce the bulk itself. Powerful multi-simulation engines are available to create and compare different “What-if” scenarios, integrating transportation tracking real-time data
  • Material Planning, starting from a feasible production plan, allowing better synchronization with suppliers of raw materials and components. DDMRP is as well available to support alternative de-coupling points approach
  • Collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors resulting in increased visibility across the entire supply chain. This approach improves flexibility and avoids the inefficiencies that currently plague you. Increase the quality and timeliness of reminders to suppliers and subcontractors by synchronizing external activities with internal production. Shipping management and ASN are available for the supplier
  • Scheduling at plant level, generating automatically optimized work plans, taking into account order delivery dates, availability of production resources, materials, production sequences, and equipment setup times. This approach offers better synchronization between bulk and finished goods, by managing batch-to-batch connections. Responding quickly to various change requests by being able to easily run various simulations
  • MES allows tracing and monitoring all internal production activities (progress/scrap), integrating machines (Industry 4.0), managing recipes directly on the touch screen panel, in order to understand performances, OEE and losses, identify improvement actions. SCADA systems integration is available in order to send recipes to equipment automatically and receive process parameters. Generate the card (certificate) of quality and management of preventive and extraordinary maintenance activities on equipment by conditioning the scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Transportation tracking over-seas shipments: a TMS tool which allows you to check the status of your inbound and outbound shipments from the moment they are shipped from the supplier until they are delivered to the warehouse, integrating commercial data (sku and oder) with logistic data (container), with AI/ML powered predictive ETA.

Choosing the sedApta solution means equipping yourself with the best options for digitization and multichannel management. You will have a collaborative control tower allowing you to accurately assess the financial impact of any situation that comes your way. sedApta, with its solutions, aims to simplify business life and help the Cosmetic industry become more agile, profitable and excel over your competitors whether they are digitized or not: we are your ideal partner.

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