Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

The current situation has put metals companies in a central position in the industrial landscape, but shrinking margins and rising direct costs still require a focus on supply chain process integration and production process efficiency.


Metalworking companies produce components or assemblies for other industries (such as automotive, machine builders, aerospace, etc.): production methods often involve both machining (turning, cutting, carpentry, welding, surface treatments, etc.) and assembly stages and related controls.


Most companies operate in the B2B market, but there are also B2C companies (plumbing valves, faucets, etc.).


At the order management level, we can even find make-to-stock (MTS) and make-to-order (MTO) management within the same company, depending on the product.

sedApta covers all the industry needs, from strategic planning issues down to tactical planning, even able to handle all the executive management needs of production in a very deep and integrated manner.

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