Virtual Enterprise

In a large and equipped space, the sedApta Academy has simulated the virtual functioning of a Company and its supply chain.

In a first area, the creation of demand planning is simulated, with the various sales managers who, remotely, insert the updated sales forecasts from their tablet/computer. The sales team is able to apply both the necessary statistical algorithms and the collaborative forecasts received, in order to update the company’s Demand Planning in real-time.

In a second area, once the business planning managers receive the new demand planning, are able to develop the materials planning, interacting in real time with the warehouse, with purchases, with suppliers and contractors, in order to build different WHAT-IF scenarios. In parallel, production resources (lines, machines, staff teams), necessary to execute the various scenarios can be planned, simulating WHAT-IF the modification of the constraints involved (for example adding adventitious staff and /or authorizing overtime).

In a third area, the software typically used by the company functions involved are available (for example, ERP through which the warehouse or the purchases and the software that allow the integration of suppliers collaborate).

Finally, in a last area the company management is simulated in which all these scenarios can be presented in real time to allow, for example, with weekly meetings, to decide the best planning strategy for Sales and Production.