Webinar CMMS

Smart Asset Management

May 21st 2019 2:30 PM
web | sedApta-osys, Laval, France

Machines are at the heart of modern factories: their smooth operation requires the adoption of intelligent maintenance programs.

To remain competitive, factories must invest in reliable maintenance and optimize the management of their industrial maintenance to maximize their performance and make the right decisions. Traceability of operations and industrial maintenance activities, reliability, cost reduction, improvement of quality of service, autonomy …. in this webinar, we will talk about the advantages of installing a CMMS.

We will also discuss the different maintenance to be implemented to gain efficiency: preventive and predictive maintenance, conditional maintenance and corrective maintenance.


– Fabrice Chausserais, CEO sedApta-osys

– Thierry Faguet, Sales Manager sedApta-osys

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