The Digital Revolution in the Discrete and Automotive/First Tier industry

Innovative solutions

February 21st 2019
sedApta Academy, Sestri Levante, Genoa, Italy

The Digital Revolution is driving Change!

As part of the Course for “Industry 4.0 Advanced Operator” which took place at sedApta Academy in Sestri Levante between January and February 2019, full-immersion days completely dedicated to specific markets have been scheduled: Thursday, February 21st focused on the Discrete and First Tier Suppliers Industry.

We discussed about the impact of the digital revolution, in particular how to increase the level of customer service through reliable demand forecasts, how to support decisions in quantitative-qualitative modality through advance/delay simulations of purchase orders, in function of the product mix, on the long-term and how to increase efficiency through automatic generation purchase of semi-finished products and preferential raw materials.

A special thanks to our testimonials, Brembo & Candy (HAIER Group) two of the main players in these Industries, for sharing with us their expertise and gave us the opportunity to discuss about the impact of digital transformation in their companies and how the sedApta Suite’s innovative solutionhelped them to optimize their Supply Chain!

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