S&OP & Integrated Business Planning Excellence

13-15 March, 2024
Best Western Plus Hotel Köln City Hotel | Cologne, Germany

Enhance real-time and agile responsiveness to customers through end-to-end integration and build strong leadership and engagement to achieve the transformation

The 20th Edition S&OP & Integrated Business Planning Excellence conference taking place on March 13th-15th, 2024, in Cologne, Germany, will bring together industry leaders to uncover key insights into successfully transform S&OP into an agile, resilient and well-connected function in your group. Leverage the power of technology, AI and data to increase the accuracy of your forecast and the maturity of your whole organization. Explore also the importance of cultural changes, cross-functional cooperation and buy-in from the teams in order to get to the next level of transformation and prevent risks and vulnerabilities through robust partnerships and ownership.


This show enables its audience to:

  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration in S&OP
  • Create fast and agile supply chain through digital transformation
  • Enhance operational excellence for supply chain
  • Improve forecasting and advanced analytic for S&OP
  • Reduce misalignment between demand forecast and supply
  • Drive a customer-centric approach to assure the right input in supply chain.

sedApta is excited to be part of this event, showcasing its expertise and innovative end-to-end supply chain solutions!

Additionally, we are honored to announce our conference speech, which you should not miss out:


March 14, 2023 – 11:40 to 12:20 CET

Topic: Industry 5.0 – AI, collaboration and sustainability

  • Collaboration & human-centricity in Industry 5.0
  • Concrete AI use-cases to capture value
  • Develop sustainability as a competitive advantage incorporate sustainability-driven decisions in the S&OP process
  • Anticipate & control upcoming risks & opportunities



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