S&OP for Metals and the Marcegaglia use case

From best practices to the implementation of a successful digital project

July 8th | h. 10.30 CET

The advantages of having an efficient S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) for companies in the steel sector through the analysis of the Marcegaglia project carried out by sedApta Group.

In the last decade, the steel market has changed profoundly: the strong competition from the Far East, the greater constraints on supply sources, the need to purchase from increasingly geographically distant suppliers (Iran, China, Korea …), penetrate the market of High Grade steels that require a high Service Level… in the face of the need for a progressive reduction in warehouse stocks.

Marcegaglia, the Italian industrial group world leader in the transformation of steel, has decided to face the challenge together with sedApta by focusing on the implementation of a structured Sales & Operations Planning process to review its business model and consequently the organization and core processes.

The path towards digitalization and a Manufacturing 4.0 starts right from the S&OP: an effective planning in the medium term starts from a collaborative process of forecasting the demand and allows to provide the most adequate and real-time answers to market requests, reducing consequently costs and improving the level of service.

In this webinar our experts will present the solutions for the Metals sector through the story of the project carried out for Marcegaglia: the objectives and critical issues, the work phases, from the strategic vision to the intervention roadmap and the implementation of application modules, the results achieved.

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