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June 20th 2019
West-events, Westotel, 34 Rue de la Vrière, 44240 La Chapelle sur Erdre, Nantes, France

A privileged meeting place for decision-makers and professionals in the sector, this meeting is based on a program of technical conferences and pre-organized meetings with business experts.

Come meet us! We will bring you our expertise in Smart Manufacturing!

On this occasion, Thierry Faguet, Commercial Director sedApta-osys, will present a workshop on the theme “The scheduling of production: the essential competitiveness tool for the factory of the future”

“In a world where decision-making must be efficient and fast, multi-constrained finite-capacity scheduling becomes essential: timeliness and responsiveness have become weapons of industrial competitiveness and growth.” Factory Scheduling scheduling software of the sedApta Suite is a solution that complements the modules of the ERP or the GPAO of the market. This solution will accurately take into account unmanaged production constraints in the ERP to generate a coherent planning with finite capacity. – The capacities of the production resources – The secondary constraints: tools, operator skills … – The calendars – The synchronization of flows (BOM links) from the raw materials or components to the customer order lines – The rules and scheduling constraints via standard or customizable algorithms Through the different simula Factory Scheduling will help you manage demand fluctuations, reduce cycle times, respond quickly to hazards, improve occupancy rates, control time and improve profitability. “

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