Manufacturing 4.0

in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries

March 17, 2022 | 14.30 - 17.00

Manufacturing companies need to be supported with innovative tools that allow them to control the Supply Chain and factory execution processes, with concrete information. This is possible thanks to the combination of an innovative technology with a modern methodological approach, verticalized by product sector.

Davines S.p.A. has been operating for almost 25 years in over 90 countries in the research and production of high quality tricological products and has undertaken an important project of renewal and organization of production processes aimed at their digitalization in view of Industry 4.0. Davines chose sedApta, which has studied a digital transformation path that is still in progress, divided into steps and that has touched different aspects of production planning and scheduling up to execution in the factory.
Factory digitalization is indeed an increasingly important goal for process industries, but there are many critical issues to overcome, knots to unravel and the right solutions to adopt. Andrea Balbi, Project Manager sedApta Group, and Paolo Barbagallo, Industry Manager Fashion&Luxury and Process Industries sedAptaGroup, will tell the details of this complex digital manufacturing project at the Manufacturing 4.0 webinar promoted by Logistica Management and Chimica Magazine.

*the webinar will be held in Italian*

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