IT4Fashion 2017

Event Details


April 19th 2017 9:00 AM CEST - April 21st 2017 4:00 PM CEST


Le Pagliere, Giardino delle Scuderie Reali - Firenze


IT4Fashion is an industrial and scientific conference and exhibition where fashion companies, brands, practitioners, researchers and software houses, from all the Europe, discuss on IT technologies in the field of fashion and luxury.
The conference represents, since its first edition, a unique event where fashion companies present their greatest success stories in the application of IT solutions, together with keynotes on new technologies and IT solutions made by leading industry experts.


The first two days (19-20) are dedicated to the industrial case studies carried out by fashion companies speakers and expert keynotes and worldwide vendor. The two days are divided by alternating parallel sessions and plenary speech, according to the traditional timetable of the previous editions.