NextRoute: Real Time Tracking

Do you want to know exactly where your container is to address any critical situations?

Would you like to easily and comprehensively read the tracking information from the shipment monitor?

In a context of high complexity in distribution networks and increasing uncertainty in transport transit times, the answer to your needs is encapsulated in the smart tracking solution of NextChain – NextRoute.

Real Time Tracking

The ability to configure various shipping processes and track all relevant information through the best available sources is one of the key features of the NextRoute solution. This automatically updates shipment data and allows access to qualified information with logistics dimensions (not only Container ID and Booking, but also Part Number, Purchase Order, ERP Delivery).

Predictive ETA

The assessment of the solution’s benefits is linked to the analysis of the type of shipments managed, the organizational model of the freight forwarder’s supply chain, and the sensitivity of operational planning processes to the variability of delivery dates due to changes in shipping ETA.


The predictive ETA, launched by major shipping carriers and based on artificial intelligence algorithms, is the expected arrival date calculated with a percentage probability of risk. It reads not only consolidated delays but also subsequent phases, such as port congestion, average release times, the probability that the container will not be reloaded during transshipment, the actual position of the ship, etc.


Therefore, based on configurable business rules, the „container monitor“ allows a simple and immediate evaluation of the new suggested ETAs to act by exception on critical situations that would impact the container’s arrival date.

Daily overview

NextRoute periodically sends a shipment summary via automatic notification containing all relevant information about a specific shipment (arrival, delay check, etc.).

Furthermore, all tracking changes with the suggested ETA that require user confirmation will also be displayed.

About Manufacturing Operations Management

Optimize day-by-day scheduling and manufacturing operations

sedApta Suite for MOM allows real-time orchestration of machines, software and people in order to reach new process methodologies based on sharing knowledge and on the possibility to track results and bottlenecks in real-time, with all the relevant associated KPI’s.


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