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Apr 10, 2019


The sedApta Suite: an Integrated Sales & Operation Planning approach

What are the keys to success in implementing an Integrated Planning approach? And Why my Company should implement an integrated architecture?

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Oct 4, 2017


5 Keys to S&OP success in F&B Industry

The most common issue that F&B companies have to deal with is the inability to serve global distribution channels efficiently and promptly.

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Sep 5, 2016


Fashion & Luxury Manufacturing Industry

The global Fashion & Luxury Manufacturing market is increasingly faced with new challenges. These global trends have forced companies in this sector to adopt new solutions and approaches in order to improve the service level agreements with customers and optimize the management of complex processes. 

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Aug 23, 2016


The unique selling proposition of the sedApta Suite

The manufacturing sector is experiencing and will continue to experience a deep transformation. Market analysts and supply chain experts believe that new innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and Big Data Analytics will soon bring to what could be defined as the“4th industrial revolution” or “cyber-physical manufacturing revolution”.


Aug 2, 2016


The sedApta Suite: Integrated Applications from Executive Offices to Distributed Sites

Evaluate, collaborate, orchestrate and choose a sales and operations plan that most closely aligns with the financial business plan must become the objectives of an integrated SCP.

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Jul 28, 2016


The Discrete Manufacturing Industry

The sedApta Suite’s modules provide capabilities for the full supervision of a complex supply chain, which includes production plants, distribution centers, different providers and suppliers that must all be orchestrated and integrated.


Jul 25, 2016


First tier Supplier - Automotive: Volatile Markets & Growing Logistics Complexity

Thanks to our O.S.A. interoperable architecture, we are able to manage SC processes, Technology and People in the best way possibile. 

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Jul 11, 2016


The Process Manufacturing Industry

The term Process refers to industrial sectors such as: Food & Beverage, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

In all these sectors, it is fundamental to find the right trade-off between the need for customer satisfaction in terms of timeliness, quality and product renovation, as well as inventory optimization, taking into account perishability and seasonality constraints.


Jun 21, 2016


Agility, Adaptability and Flexibility: three key factors for Supply Chain Planning

In the last decades the manufacturing landscape has undergone a major transformation in terms of products variety available on the market