The Process Manufacturing Industry

Smart Manufacturing made easy, this is our Vision!

The term Process refers to industrial sectors such as: Food & Beverage, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

In all these sectors, it is fundamental to find the right trade-off between the need for customer satisfaction in terms of timeliness, quality and product renovation, as well as inventory optimization, taking into account perishability and seasonality constraints. It is important to pay close attention to the logistical and distribution system, which are usually very complex, fragmented, and characterized by a network of production plants, sales branches, distribution warehouses and suppliers. The main goal of every company in the Process Industry is flexibility, which is achieved by improving and coordinating business processes, but also through the adoption of extremely complex and agile tools. The primary objective of the sedApta Suite is to provide decision support to companies in this sector at the global supply chain (and not merely plant) level.

The sedApta Suite accomplishes this with 3 concepts: global process orchestration, cooperation among process owners, and process measurement and governance. Optimizing Your entire supply chain is possible with the sedApta Suite through the orchestration of the following fundamental processes:

  • Final product coverage and related stock levels
  • Management of production peaks due to commercial promotions
  • Balanced planning of loads and volumes respecting the typical industry constraints
  • Constrained scheduling and optimization of production plans
  • Raw material and packaging purchase scheduling
  • Accurate monitoring and traceability of production lines

Via O.S.A., (Orchestrator, Skillaware & Analytics) sedApta provides also the sedApta Suite components within a modular environmentsupport the interoperability and coordinates and orchestrates complex business flowsmulti-role situations, in a multi-product space.

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