The Discrete Manufacturing Industry

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In the last few years, the Discrete Manufacturing Industry has undergone profound changes due to two main factors. On one hand, the industry faces the increasing global demand for product customization. On the other hand, the sector is also forced to deal with a progressive extension of the supply chain, which is continuously growing to include more peers, non-homogeneous geographical distributions and players. In order to keep their market share and margin, a company in this industry has to face the implications of these factors head-on by moving toward a higher reactivity to changes in demand and better capability to operate in a wider global market.

The sedApta Suite is designed to act as a strong facilitator of this change process. 

The sedApta Suite’s modules provide capabilities for the full supervision of a complex supply chain, which includes production plants, distribution centers, different providers and suppliers that must all be orchestrated and integrated. The goal is to increase ergonomics and drive the harmonization of all fundamental processes: demand forecasting, logical and physical warehouses, strategic and tactical planning, optimized production scheduling, production execution and control, remote supplier and contractor activity, etc. The extreme flexibility and scalability of the sedApta Suite allow for a gradual and non-invasive, yet significant and beneficial change within a manufacturing organization.

The results: an efficient supply chain driven by a distributed and collaborative approach, with standardized planning and operational rules, and committed to consistently coordinated and synchronized management.

sedApta is the only solution that offers a seamless, integrated suite of solutions that can enable planning, execution and optimization across all supply chain functions, to maximize business results.

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