sedApta Suite

Integrated Applications from Executive Offices to Distributed Sites

The extended supply chain (including suppliers, co-manufacturers/ co-packagers) needs to be integrated as much as possible to allow leveraging of all available assets and deliver maximum value against optimal costs. 1st Tier Suppliers should thus build integrated supply chain planning processes ranging from the long term strategic planning, sales & operations planning, to the day-to-day operational planning. In this integrated Supply chain planning, S&OP plays an important role.

Evaluate, collaborate, orchestrate and choose a sales and operations plan that most closely aligns with the financial business plan must become the objectives of an integrated SCP in order to:

  • Draw all information from a single data model
  • Combine demand and supply planning, volume and mix planning, and long-term and short-term planning.
  • Collaborate across functions and countries demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, capacity planning, finance, sales and marketing) can be best aligned when working in concert from a single data source.

sedApta offers a seamless, integrated suite of solutions that can enable planning, execution and optimization across all supply chain functions, creating visibility across a multi-tier network to inventory across thousands of products, dozens of plants, hundreds of suppliers and many planners, to maximize Your business results and orchestrating Supply Chain Management and Change Management.

The sedApta Suite allows also a multi-tier global Supply-Demand Match: see and influence demand, supply and service level across the multi-tier value chain integrating into the extended Supply Chain.

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