Virtual Enterprise

In a dedicated section, space has been given to a set of workstations that allow the simulation of the virtual operation of a Company and its Supply Chain.


In a first area, demand planning is simulated, with the various sales managers remotely inputting the appropriate updated sales forecasts from their tablets/computers. Centrally, the sales team is able to apply both the necessary statistical algorithms and the received collaborative forecasts to update the company’s Demand Planning in real-time.


In the second area, business planners, once the new demand planning is received, are able to develop material planning, interacting in real time with the warehouse, purchasing, suppliers and subcontractors, and logistics, to build various WHAT-IF scenarios. In parallel, and similarly, the production resources (lines, machines, personnel teams), needed to execute the various scenarios, can be planned, simulating the achievable results (WHAT-IF) depending on the modification of the chosen/involved constraints (e.g., adding casual staff and/or authorizing overtime).

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