Course for «Industry 4.0 Advanced Operator»

On January, 7th 2019 started the Course for “Industry 4.0 Advanced Operator” at sedApta Academy in Sestri Levante (Genoa), ended officially on Friday, March 1st, 2019.

Thie course has been thought to give an answer to the skill mismatch phenomenon created by the digital transformation of the industrial processes as induced by Industry 4.0 revolution and intended to amplify in the next future within manufacturing.

It took place at sedApta Academy in co-operation with the Department of Economics and Business (DIEC) and the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa and it is mainly aimed to graduates with scientific, technological knowledge and orientation.

The course aimed at being a specific dedicated training opportunity with in-depth and efficient training for professionals. It allowed the participants, through a training agreement with the attendant employee(s), to obtain quick return in terms of productivity and strong involvement within the Company.

The modules of the course

1. Introduction to Industry 4.0 & smart supply chain (1 week)
The main goal is to provide an overview of the impact of new digital technologies on manufacturing from the operational, managerial and economical point of view and introducing skill upgrading and upskilling

  • Core digital technologies for manufacturing and supply chain
  • Economic rationale and impact of the digital transformation
  • Main trends in a smart supply chain & factory
  • The impact of 4.0 technologies on industrial competitiveness
  • Organizational and managerial change: skill challenges?

2. Information and communication technology for today & future manufacturing competitiveness (1 week)
The main ICT enablers (current and future) are discussed and their impact on business models and profitability are assessed.

  • Discussion on maturity of enabling technologies
  • Understanding how technological aspects can create value for the firm
  • Horizontal and vertical integration, Cloud Manufacturing, Work Flow Management
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

3. Managing demand, inventory and distribution in the real time information age (1 week)
From time series analysis to collaborative forecasting towards cognitive supply chain

  • Demand for goods and inputs: determinants, elasticity, substitutes, complements
  • Economic analysis of inventories
  • Demand sensing and forecasting
  • Inventory management and distribution systems
  • Logistic flows in a manufacturing supply chain

4. Optimizing decisions for strategic and tactical planning (2 weeks)
Integrated Business Planning for Production and Investment Decision

  • Integrated Business Management e Profit Velocity
  • Managerial accounting e monitoraggio dei costi per le scelte strategiche
  • Capital budgeting
  • Mathematical Production Planning Models

5. Advanced tools for Innovation in smart Manufacturing systems (1 week)
From traditional to next generation tools and applications in blending physical and virtual factory and supply chain

  • IOT and Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS)
  • Industrial CPPS application mapping
  • Cyber physical production assessment and evaluation models
  • Cybersecurity and IT/OT integration
  • Discrete Simulation for Manufacturing

6. Planning & Controlling detailed operation in the smart factory shopfloor (2 weeks)
How Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems transform in the 4.0 paradigm

  • PLM and Digital Factory to model and act the physical system
  • Discrete Simulation for Manufacturing
  • MES evolution
  • Quality 4.0: impact and strategy
  • Advanced Scheduling application and methods
  • Technology enablers and value chain

For a total of 200 hours of academic training, 100 hours of exercises and 160 hours of project work at the Company sponsoring the initiative.


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