Academy Industry 4.0

People, Skills, Technologies, Processes

The sedApta Academy, was created with the aim of being a “container” of Training, Learning and Ideas Sharing, where customers, partners, professionals, and employees can find the solution to their needs.


The sedApta Academy goes three ways: today the structure has found new spaces in our offices in Genoa, Bologna and Milan.


The sedApta Academy offers training and practical/simulative experiences through which new technologies can be tested become a reality within the sedApta Academy.


sedApta offers a suite of integrated solutions that can support Supply Chain Planning (Sales & Operation Planning) Supply Chain Execution (Sales & Operations Execution) and Digital Transformation (O.S.A.) processes with respect to extended supply chain planning, execution and optimization.

The sedApta Industry 4.0 Academy is devoted to meeting two distinct but complementary needs:

Demo Center which is composed by:

Training Center

Training Center for continuous learning activities

At the heart of the Academy underlies the connection between People, Processes, Technologies, and Skills, which constitute the backbone of our O.S.A. (Orchestrate, Support, Analyze) methodology.

  • People: the evolving dynamics of processes, activities and tools make inadequate the human capital in charge of carrying them out (Skills Mismatch), so the concept of continuous, contextual and just-in-time training is crucial.
  • Processes: the reshaping of business processes is one of the most critical activities in the current industrial environment. Thanks to the digitalization of processes, activities and the coordinated and synchronized interaction (Orchestration) between people and tools, it is possible to achieve the management optimization of the company.
  • Technologies: the technological element turns out to be fundamental in enabling the interaction between processes and people in complex industrial environments where business processes change dynamically. Within the Academy, it is possible to test and evaluate the benefits of implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, integration with the SCADA data acquisition platform, the implementation of intelligent terminals, and the ability to monitor the entire supply chain including transportation management aspects, all coordinated by the centralized structure represented by the Control Tower.
  • Skills: the sedApta Academy addresses managers, factory operators, employees and students with the aim of effectively bridging the training gap arising from the continuous dynamism of Industry 4.0 processes and technologies.

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