Academy Industry 4.0

People, Skills, Technologies, Processes


“It is what we already think we know that prevents us from learning new things” Claude Bernard 

The sedApta Academy Industry 4.0 is born as a place for “Training, Learning and Sharing ideas”, where people (customers, partners, professionals…) can find  concrete solutions to their needs through sedApta’s technologies and tools for  Industry 4.0.

The underlying concept behind this project is the combination of Technologies, Processes, People & Skills which are the basis of our O.S.A. methodology.

Classroom training sessions and simulative demonstrations open to Universities, industry experts and partners will led the attendee through an evolution path of new technologies testing and optimization.

Another central point of the sedApta Academy’s strategy is the verticalization of the sedApta’s value proposition for attracting players in the same industry and allowing the aggregation of best practices.

sedApta Academy Industry 4.0 aims to combine Training Sessions  and enabling technologies utilization , through two virtual  environments:

The Virtual Factory

The Virtual Enterprise

that allow you to orchestrate all What-If processes and scenarios that your customer and/or partner wants to analyze.

The sedApta Academy Industry 4.0 is formed by:

  • The Training Center which is available to employees and to all sedApta partners for the training on sedApta Suite products in order to better understand how they can be used for satisfying the Industry 4.0 needs and face the new Supply Chain & Production requirements.
  • The Demo Center which is composed by two different show areas for S&OP & MOM.

The Academy will be used for 4 main purposes:

  • Aggregation of sedApta customers by vertical industry (1 day per month each month)
  • Thematic workshops for sedApta partners (2 days a month for partners on rotation)
  • Continuous training of people using sedApta technologies
  • Training on Supply Chain and Industry 4.0 issues (ex: APICS courses, Industry 4.0 courses)