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Sinfo One Sed Apta Partnership

May 16, 2018


Sinfo One becomes sedApta Partner!

Sinfo One & sedApta for Supply Chain Management.

Immagine News Innovation Sc

May 14, 2018


Coming soon: Collaborative Supply Chain Innovation Days, Sept. 25 -27, 2018 sedApta Academy

We are happy to announce the sedApta international event "Collaborative Supply Chain Innovation Days" @ our sedApta Academy Industry 4.0!

News Evento Guzzini Small

May 8, 2018


Save the Date, May 23th 2018: Efficiency and Production Flexibility - Visit to the Smart Factory of Fratelli Guzzini

Hyla soft Italia, company of the sedApta Group, organizes a day of in-depth analysis and interaction on the themes of Industry 4.0.

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May 4, 2018


Digital Transformation? Be ready with O.S.A.!

Real Time orchestration of machines, software and people in order to reach the continuous improvement of processes, people and technologies. 

Sedapta Concept Img

Apr 3, 2018

Press Release

sedApta is pleased to announce the creation of sedApta concept GmbH

Starting from April, the 1st 2018 sedApta concept will continue the TXTMake business, distributing TXTMake products under license, providing maintenance and support services as well as professional services and making further product developments.

Immagine News Articolo Logistica

Apr 3, 2018

White Paper

The sedApta ecosystem for S&OP and MOM: an orchestrated approach

The sedApta suite is a cutting-edge software platform developed to help meet the optimization needs of your company, increasing business agility, collaboration and orchestration.

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